BBC Countryfile

             Prof Baylis Tick Hunting

Tom Heap from BBC Countryfile looks at what is being done to fight lyme disease, a debilitating illness that affects up to 3,000 people a year and is often transmitted through a single bite from an infected tick.

Professor Matthew Baylis, NIHR HPRU EZI theme leader, goes tick-hunting and discusses the HPRU's research on ticks and how we aim to raise awareness by producing a UK wide map of highly prone tick areas.

To catch the episode and learn more about ticks and Lyme disease visit the BBC iplayer:

To fast forward to the clip on ticks, go to 06.18 - 13.15.

You may also be interested in finding out about the Tick Awareness Leaflet developed by PHE and funded by the HPRU in Emerging and Zoonotic Infections.

And if you are teacher, find out more about our useful resources for Key Stage 1 and 2 on 'Tricky Ticks'.


Posted on: 06/08/2018