A Game Changer in Public Health Promotion

The International Society for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ISNTD) festival showcases innovative public engagement techniques to support treatment and prevention programmes for neglected tropical diseases. Experts from the creative industry and public health come together to share their experiences and lessons learnt, facilitating improved communication of complex public health messages.

Use of game analytics to assess the feasibility and effect of mobile games for health benefit is very much in it’s infancy. HPRU member Charlotte Hemingway shared her own experiences and initial findings from the HIV G.E.T Tested pilot study; and learnt from others working in the development and evaluation of digital games for health. The workshop format enabled participants (9 in total from a range of backgrounds) to understand the game and its purpose through gameplay and group discussion. During this activity participants posted their thoughts on who they thought the target audience for the game was, the effect the game could have and the questions we could use mobile game analytics to answer. Charlotte finished the session by demonstrating how basic analysis on data collected since the games launch on the 1st of December 2017 answered their proposed questions around uptake and use, as well as some questions the group had not considered around player demographics including geolocation.  

Charlotte received funding to attend and facilitate the workshop at the festival through the HPRU EZI Public Engagement Funding Award 2017.


Charlotte Hemingway

  Battle In The Blood

Charlotte's work was recognised by the ISNTD with an award for innovation in apps.


Posted on: 27/03/2018