Meet The Scientists Events at World Museum Liverpool

The HPRU EZI has so far participated in two 'Meet the Scientists' events held at the World Museum in Liverpool.

Our 'Bitten by the Bug' stall saw members of the public learn about mosquitoes, midges and ticks during an interactive, hands-on science day for all the family at the 'Fat Cats and Hot Dogs' event held on 10 October 2015. Around 2,500 people visited the event, of which approximately 1,800 people participated in the activities offered - click here for further information.

On 19 March 2016 we held fun workshops for children and their families during the 'Healthy Lives' event. Children learnt about the importance of DNA by extracting DNA from strawberries and bananas. Participants explored why studying DNA is fundamental for understanding infections and preventing us from getting ill, played various games exploring various types of infections, and used a handmade Smart Phone Microscope to take pictures of bugs with their own phones. Our 'Pets or Pests?' stall had a range of activities, including posters, crafts, quizzes, a hand-washing test and a video. Members of the public were challenged to think about their perception of rats and the different roles of rats in society, including as pets, pests and as sources of infection, and were able to vote on whether they believed rats were pets or pests.

Meet The Scientists March 2016 - 1

Meet The Scientists March 2016 - 2

Meet The Scientists March 2016 - 3

Posted on: 23/03/2016