Tick Hunting at Edinburgh International Science Festival

A band of intrepid volunteers went to Edinburgh International Science Festival (10-14 April 2017) to bring the idea of ‘Big Data’ to the masses. Over 1,500 visited the Experimentarium and had the chance to hunt for ticks in our furry stuffed animals, and then hunt for ticks in real time SAVSNET data. People were also introduced to the notion of using ‘Human data’ by HPRU EZI students from the University of Liverpool.

Dr Alan Radford, HPRU EZI Theme Leader, said: "Health informatics research uses data derived from, and owned by, members of the public. Engaging directly with the public was a great opportunity to understand the sensitivities and acceptability of what we as scientists do, to present some of the benefits of this kind of Big Data science, and also to explore how this data should be presented to members of the public for maximal benefit.

The Edinburgh Science festival was a great opportunity for the HPRU EZI to project its passion for public engagement and its position as a leader in One Health big data research."

       Edinburgh Science Festival        Edinburgh Science Festival Ticks
  The team on the 'Big Data' stall at the Festival   Spotting the difference between fleas and ticks

  Edinburgh Science Festival Tick Data   Edinburgh Science Festival Tick Map
  #DataDetectives helped build a time series
of tick bites in pets!
  Children also helped build a map of tick bites in
pets across Great Britain.


Thanks to Dr Alan Radford, and HPRU PhD students John Tulloch, Margaux Mesle and Caoimhe McKerr for making it a fantastic success!

Posted on: 26/04/2017